Wardens & Vestry

The Vestry is the legal governing and decision-making body of a Parish Church, consisting of the Rector and elected lay representatives.  Four Vestry members are elected each year by the Parish to serve a three year term.  There are a total of twelve elected Vestry persons.  The Vestry’s duties include calling the rector with the approval of the diocesan bishop, approving the budget and making governing policy.

Each Vestry has a Senior or Rector’s Warden and Junior or People’s Warden, Treasurer and Secretary or Clerk who serve as officers and carry certain fiduciary and legal responsibilities for the Church.  All of the officers save the Rector’s Warden are elected annually from among members of the vestry.  The Rector’s Warden is appointed by the Rector annually.

The current Vestry of St. Thomas the Apostle:

Canon Ian Elliott Davies

Mr. Randy Oglesby
Rector’s Warden

Mr. Ray Beaty
People’s Warden

Mr. Brad Chambers

Mr. Stephen Kemp
Clerk of the Vestry

Mr. David Anderson

Ms. Brit Bjurstrom

Ms. Debby Driscoll

Mr. Sal Hernandez

Mr. Robert Jones

Ms. Leslie Kaplan

Ms. Taffia Kennedy

Mr. Ben Pratt

Mr. John Schleif

Mr. David Silvas


Approved minutes by the Vestry of St. Thomas the Apostle are available here.

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