Let’s Talk About Series

Let's Talk About SeriesThe Let’s Talk About series was inspired by the Holy Spirit after a class of catechumens at St. Thomas the Apostle Hollywood wished to keep meeting for learning, fellowship and growing in faith.

We get together and ask the congregation about what topics they would like to learn more about and then we go on to look for potential speakers for the series.

We started gathering at the rectory of St. Thomas thanks to the hospitality of Canon Davis, starting our series in July 2014.

Only a few months later the Let’s Talk About Series has become part of Saint Thomas, and the attendance has grown. We now meet at the Parish hall or at the Lady Chapel inside the sanctuary.

The Let’s Talk About series covers topics that sometimes are hard to ask in another setting. Due to our Anglican/Episcopalian heritage, where reason is not separate from scripture, we are able to manage a great balance in discussing these topics in the light of the Holy Scriptures.

Living in a world like ours and a city like Los Angeles is not easy. These talks are designed to establish and strengthen Christian values and basis in order to be able to live in the world, remembering that we are not from the world.

The Let’s Talk About Series’ website may be found at the following link: http://stthomaslta.wix.com/letstalkabout

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