Adult Education Courses

Faith in Times of Terror is an Adult Education Class led by Dr. Thomas E. Doyle, PhD. over three consecutive weeks at St. Thomas the Apostle.  We are tremendously grateful to Dr. Doyle for his leadership on this issue and fostering discussion.

Thinking and talking about terrorism raises questions about the ways we understand the terms “faith” and “terror.”  This is not an easy task to undertake.  For, thinking and talking about terrorism involves a particular and negative emotional charge – especially for those that have been eyewitnesses to acts of terrorism.   However, it is important that Christians responsibly integrate their emotional reactions into a larger understanding of terrorism to the issue of faith.  This is what I am attempting to do in these sessions.

The complete notes from the presentation are available for download.


Who Is This Christ to Me?  Dr. Thomas Doyle lead a 2-part Adult Educational Series in December 2010.  Inspired by a recent sermon by the retired Bishop of San Francisco, William Swing, Dr. Doyle argues that in the past 50 years, Christ has come to the American Episcopal Church in three movements looking for a room in which to appear:  (1) in the civil rights movement; (2) in the women’s movement; and (3) in the gay ordination movement.  In each movement, His advent was tumultuous, and not everyone in the Episcopal Church expressed welcome.  A fourth movement is on the horizon, and it is related to the matters of interfaith relations.  St. Paul in his first Epistle to Blessed Timothy claims that there is no other mediator on earth between humanity and the Father but the man, Jesus Christ.  Who is this Christ that is coming?  What does it mean to welcome Him today?

The course material is available here.


Do you have a resolution related to your finances?  What is God’s Plan for Me?  A Spiritual & Practical Guide/Course to support those in Job Transition was  conducted over four sessions by Parish Treasurer Craig Coogan and  Faith and Knowledge Chair Len Leatherwood.

A time of job transition (loss, fear of loss, instability) can be a period of great spiritual challenge and growth.  What can we learn during this time when we “…seek first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness?”

The course invites all participants to look at Conventional Wisdom, God’s Wisdom and practical solutions in a variety of areas.   The materials are available here.


The Complexities of Advent

Dr. Thomas Doyle lead an Adult Education course “The Complexities of Advent.”

What are the implications for theology and Christian daily living if we broaden our notion of Advent to include each developmental stage from infancy to the full maturity of Christ? Advent for Christ then is a 30 year period in which various facets of his divinity were developed. How might that look for us, in the stages of development into which we find ourselves?

The complete course materials are avaialble here.

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