St. Agnes Guild

Here is my heresy, and let it stand if it be that: I believe
that gardening is the first and final sacrament of blessedness.
Both the First Adam and the Last Adam were gardeners.
The seventeenth-century poet Rowland Watkins recalls
the scene at the empty tomb when Christ, dressed in white,
appears to Mary Magdalene as the gardener:

Mary prevents the day; she rose to weep,
And see the bed where Jesus lay asleep.
She found out whom she sought,
but doth not know
Her Master’s face; He is the gardener now!”

“The Gardener”
Joseph Beaumont
in Sweet Will Be the Flowers: Poems on Gardens.

Join the St. Thomas Garden Club and pitch in at one of the many garden parties held throughout the year! We aim to have one of the most beautiful gardens on historic Hollywood Boulevard, so that the beauty of our gardens lay a path to enjoy God’s creation and to invite people inward to join in worshipping in this beautiful place. To sign up please check the Parish E-Newletter for announcements, or by e-mailing Ken Koonce.

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