Please join us in the offering of a warm welcome by giving just a little of your time by cooking or assisting in the setting up of one of our events. This is a fun way to get to know others!

There are three ways to sponsor a Coffee Hour.  No matter which you choose it’s a wonderful way to support Parish Fellowship or to honor an important date in your life.  You can also buddy-up with somebody and share the work/cost!

$25 – You bring it! 

We give you a list of items (coffee, cups, etc.) and you shop and bring in the items and goodies.  We’ll set it up and clean it up.

$50 – Bring Goodies

 We’ll provide coffee, you provide cookies, snacks, whatever.  We’ll set it up and clean it up. 

$75 – We do it all!

We’ll do everything – coffee and snacks – yoWe’ll set it up and clean it up.u just write the check! 


For more information or to volunteer your time, contact the Parish Secretary by clicking here or by calling (323) 876-2102.

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