The LA County USC Lunch Program

Paul Norwood, Coordinator
Andrew Spaulding, Co-Coordinator

A dedicated group of volunteers who prepare lunch, monthly, for patients at the LA County-USC AIDS Outpatient Clinic.

The LA County-USC AIDS Lunch Program was begun in 1991 by a group from University Synagogue in West L.A. Their vision was to provide a healthful lunch for the many patients who had to spend most of their day at the 5P21 Outpatient Clinic, Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, waiting for treatment and medication. Many of the HIV-infected outpatients who have turned to LAC-USC for aid are indigent and/or homeless. The hospital is not able to provide meals for patients at the outpatient clinic, and yet many of them must wait for hours for appointments or procedures. In addition,many of the patients come to the clinic by public transportation, and cannot easily go back and forth to their homes. The University Synagogue group solicited the assistance of other synagogues and Episcopal churches to ensure a lunch was provided, free of charge, for patients every day the clinic was open.

Since 1993, Saint Thomas has been active in this program. On the fourth Monday of every month, several volunteers gather in the parish hall kitchen to make sandwiches, salads and desserts, which are then delivered to the clinic and served to the waiting patients and their families. We serve between 70 to 120 lunches each visit.

Saint Thomas Parish participates in the lunch program offered for patients of the AIDS outpatient clinic at County/USC Hospital in downtown LosAngeles. The program is one of Saint Thomas’outreach programs, and enjoys strong volunteer support.

For more information or to volunteer your time, contact the Parish Administrator by clicking here or call (323) 876-2102.

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