St. Thomas 2014-15 Pledge Campaign

“A Century of Service”


We have been richly blessed in this place through God’s unconditional gift of love! Despite ongoing challenges of complex economic times, the generosity of our Parishioners has allowed God’s work to continue through the ministry of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in Hollywood. Our discipleship offers us the privilege and responsibility to use the tremendous gifts that we are given by God for godly deeds.

This year we have chosen “A Century of Service” as the theme for our Every Member Canvass. “A Century of Service” is a reminder of the legacy we carry forward in our community. Our logo for this year, the St. Thomas the Apostle crest, is used as a symbol of our Parish’s saintly ideal and illustrates symbolically the example of outreach and sharing by which we are inspired. We are reminded to receive his example with gratitude and to be generous in sharing God’s gifts with others.

The special prayer chosen by our Vestry is being prayed daily at every Mass and Office during the Every member Canvass season. Please pray with us: Generous God, thou hast entrusted us with great abundance; accept, we humbly beseech thee, what we commit unto thee in the days ahead as a sign of our desire to serve thee. Pour thy loving spirit on our Parish as we mark the first hundred years of our mission. Grant unto us a new vision of thy glory and a new consecration to thy service that we may continue to be faithful stewards of thine abundant grace, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

As you pray, consider the priority that the ministry of St. Thomas has in your life. We ask that you consider your pledge as a proportionate (or percentage) gift of your income not only to support our current ministries in this place, but also to achieve the visionary goals proposed for 2015: These goals include quarterly concerts; a guest preacher for Holy Week; guest lecturers for our Adult Education Series; special instrumental music for Easter, the Patronal Feast, and Christmas; and raising our Mission Share to the Diocesan minimum. These goals and others are possible with increased participation and giving.

After prayerful consideration, we invite you to download
a pledge card below so that you may join other faithful
Parishioners on this exciting spiritual journey together. 

Click Here for a 2015 Pledge Card.

Once  you’ve filled in the form, mail it to the Parish Office:

St. Thomas the Apostle
7501 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Donations may also be made via PayPal by clicking the “donate” button below:


The Mission of Saint Thomas the Apostle


Called by God to be a holy place where love is found,
where all are named and where hearts are freed to change the world.
We welcome all people.

We educate, inspire and empower everyone to be Christ in service to the world.

We celebrate authentic liturgies in the great tradition
of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.


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