The Guardian Society

The Guardian Society of St. Thomas the Apostle Hollywood has been formed to recognize those persons who have made a documented planned gift directly to the Parish Endowment Fund.

The Society was formally initiated on the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels, 29 September 2005. Those persons participating in the initial year formation period of the Society (or pre-dating the the formation of the Society) will be recognised and listed as Founding Guardians and each year those persons who have provided the Parish Office with documentation of a planned gift will be recognized by having their names added to the role of St. Thomas the Apostle Guardians.

Members of the Guardian Society know that they have a vision beyond this life and have made provisions for the continuing financial support of our beloved Parish. Thus they have become a guardian angel over future generations of Christians in this place. In 1930 the cornerstone of our beautiful Church was laid, and it seems fitting that in the 75th anniversary year of the beginning construction of the Parish Church, we embark on building a secure future for generations to come.

The Guardian Society offers each of us as Christian stewards the opportunity to share our resources through a planned gift of any size and a person automatically becomes a member when he/she makes a provosion for St. Thomas the Apostle Parish through some sort of gift. The Parish Office has a Disclosure Form which offers a convenient way to confidentially record the provision one has made.

By Vestry policy, a bequest or planned gift received by the Parish will not be spent, but invested in the Endowment Fund. The corpus (body) of the Fund will never be spent, but only the earnings of the investment will be used for annual ministry needs.

The choice of an appropriate planned gift plan usually provides significant tax advantages to the donor.

Some of the most common gifts include:

+ Gift in Life: a gift of cash, securities or other assets such as objects of value or real estate.

+ Bequest: Provides for loved ones, the Parish, and others through a provision the the donor’s will.

+ Life Insurance: allows a large gift at a small cost by giving new or existing policy or by designating the Parish as a beneficiary of the policy.

+ Charitable Remainder Trust: allows a donor to receive income for life while making a major gift to the Parish.

+ Charitable Lead Trust: the Parish would become the income beneficiary, receiving a steady stream of income during the owner’s lifetime and at the owner’s death, named beneficiaries then receive the bulk of the assets.

The Endowment Fund of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish was established by the Vestry following a very generous bequest received by a former Parishioner, Mr. Robert Curry, in 2002. The intention of the Fund is to support future ministries of the Parish through interest earned on the principle. The corpus (body) is not to be violated, so that gifts received will remain in perpetuity to benefit many, many generations to come.

For any questions or information, please contact the Parish Office at 323.876.2102.

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