Stewardship Statement


We are all disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by virtue of our Baptism. Because each of us is a unique person, we all express our discipleship uniquely, in an almost infinite variety of ways.  We share a common calling and sacramental life.

One common way all of us live out our discipleship daily is in the privilege and responsibility we have to administer and use the tremendous gifts of time, talent, and treasure we have been given and continue to be given by God.  The way we think about and decide to use these gifts is called our Christian Stewardship.

As Christian stewards, we recognize God as the Giver and see ourselves as the receivers of God’s gifts.  We further recognize that our spiritual health and the quality of our Christian commitment is most concretely measured by the ways we use and share what we have been given.  Christian stewardship has the power to help us see where our values lie.  A faithful stewardship response has an equal power to help us realign our priorities and values and thereby help us live out our commitment to our Lord more deeply. 

In terms of our financial gifts and resources, we know the best way to express our commitment to the Church and to our Lord is by freely offering a prayerfully thought-out portion of our income, as we receive it, to God through the Church.  This is called proportionate or percentage giving.  The biblical standard of our proportionate giving is the tithe.

When we, individually as members of the Church, respond out of our gifts to God the Giver in this way, we have experienced, at least, these two results:

1)    A great sense of satisfaction is ours because we have responded in our discipleship and to God’s call faithfully and thoughtfully.

2)    As the Church, all of us together in Christ’s body are enabled to carry out our worshipping, pastoring, teaching, evangelizing, and outreach mission in and to the world most effectively in and from this place.

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The Mission of Saint Thomas the Apostle


Called by God to be a holy place where love is found,
where all are named and where hearts are freed to change the world.
We welcome all people.

We educate, inspire and empower everyone to be Christ in service to the world.

We celebrate authentic liturgies in the great tradition
of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.


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