“Stewardship” at many Churches is code for “fundraising.”  That is not the case at St. Thomas the Apostle.

What stewardship here is:

It is about our relationship to God and one another involving all aspects of our lives…

It is about supporting the ministry we actively live in this place, in our community, the Diocese, and the world 

It is about setting aside a portion of our time every day for prayer, meditation, and worship…

It is about embracing an encompassing attitude of joy and love in community that leads us to: 

  • Be a people of Faith and Prayer
  • Volunteer our talents and time through the ministries here
  • Share our financial resources with which God has blessed us
  • Take into consideration planned giving as a worthy legacy for generations to come
  • Do our part to preserve the natural world and environment which God put into our care at Creation

 What stewardship here is not:   

It is not about money…

It is not about meeting a budget…

It is not about guilt…

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