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The Father Rector

Canon Ian Elliott Davies was called to be the Eighth Rector of Saint Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church in December 2001.

Canon Davies, formerly an Assistant Priest at the Parish of All Saints Margaret Street, London, brings expertise in theology, spiritual direction and homiletics to this ministry in Hollywood.

He was educated in England and Wales, and ordained in the Church in Wales before continuing with postgraduate study at Cambridge and his appointment to All Saints’ in London.

His formative years in the Baptist tradition in the United Kingdom laid a firm foundation for a constant appreciation for the diversity of Christian experience. He was confirmed as an Anglican while an undergraduate by the Bishop of Bangor, the Right Reverend Cledan Mears. Canon Davies’ experience includes serving as Youth Chaplain, as a Management Committee Member for the West Glamorgan AIDS Project, as a Member of the Board of Education for the Diocese of London as a School Governor and as a Hospital Chaplain. Canon Davies’ society springs from the central conviction that each Christian is called to make known the grace of God, at work and alive in our own particular context and calling.

Canon Davies enjoys being a member of the Hollywood community, and you can find him often here with his beloved canine friend, Louis.

From the Father Rector

It gives me great pleasure to express my own personal welcome to you and to invite you to learn more about our Parish Church of St Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood.

St Thomas the Apostle is an exciting and rewarding place in which to be a Christian in the twenty-first century. Our Parish (which comprises, geographically, all of the City of West Hollywood and a small portion of the City of Los Angeles) is located in one of the most diverse, flourishing and invigorating cities in the world. Each and every day of the year we gather to pray, meditate and celebrate the Mass and to ask God’s blessing and grace to bring healing and peace to the world. It is my prayer that you too may drawn more deeply into the beauty of God’s life which is shown to us in the Most Holy and Sacred Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

“…to engage in the mission of God… is to live this life of prayer; praying without ceasing, …sustaining a style of life that is focused upon God. This is indeed to engage in the mission of the Holy Spirit by being rather than doing. To realize that the heart of mission is communion with God in the midst of the world’s life will save us from the demented activism of these days.”

– From Bp JV Taylor’s book The Go-Between God (one of the Anglican Communion’s greatest missionary thinkers and leaders in the twentieth century)

In Christ,

Canon Ian Elliott Davies

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